Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dessert Bar @ Casa Tropicana 2

I have lose count of how many times i been to Dessert Bar, it is definitely in my top list for Dessert. As usual, we order the Ice-cream with soaked fruits and as usual Black Sesame and Strawberry :)
Besides that, we try something new, Mango pudding with lemon sorbet. Dessert Bar are not stingy to the mangoes, it have mangoes around it; below it too and in the mango pudding itself, it have chunks of mangoes as well. However, the pudding itself don't have strong mango taste. I wouldn't want to eat the pudding alone without the sorbet. It will be rather tasteless as the mango is not really that sweet.

Besides Dessert, they have Uno Stacko!! Fun~~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Woo Pin Fish Head Mihun

Being first timer there, i having slightly hard time locate it as i keep looking for the shop name with fish head bihun around that area :) BUT the shop name is Ho A One Seafood Steamboat. Finally, i made it there!

We ordered fried fish head mihun and fish paste mihun. The fried fish - lots of bones, having hard time to eat it as i have to use hand to pick up all the bones. Nevertheless, it still taste good.

This is the best fish head mihun i ever tasted. The soup is salty (of coz), sourish and bit of the chinese wine (hua diao jiu) taste, the combination of these three, yummy~~ most important is i don't feel thirsty after the meal, guess it prove that they do not put anjimoto :) We finish everything including the soup!

Definitely i will re-visit the place again.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Uzen @ Concorde Hotel

A Fine Japanese Cuisine - that's what it claim to be, which is kinda true as it is expensive and of course delicious!

My colleagues always order the same dish, which is Salmon with white sauce ( I forgot what's the name stated on the menu, sorry) every time without fail. It is a set lunch, where it come with Miso Soup, Chawanmushi, rice and green tea ice-cream.

This is a rather unique sauce i would said, it is white sauce with bits of egg. The sauce just taste excellent!!! It really go well with the pan-fried salmon. 

Salmon with Teriyaki sauce - the thick teriyaki sause taste good, which i think taste rather same like other normal teriyaki sauce in Rakuzen. Overall, i would said it is a delicious meal i had.

The best part of the meal is the dessert – Green Tea Ice-Cream!! I love the Green Tea ice-cream and so do my colleagues. The ice-cream is top with some red beans. It don't taste so milky like others that i have try and yet it still remain it green tea taste.

Sorry i just love the green tea ice cream so much that i post more than a photo of it :) It cost RM13 for a scope, lucky it come with set lunch :)

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Homemade Yam Layer Cake

Yam Layer Cake - my darling birthday cake :)

My Elephant @ Seksyen 17

This Thai cuisine located at Happy Mansion, Seksyen 17. I would said is a nice environment to dine it and the food are delicious.

I actually called and pre-order the 'famous' duck curry 2 days ahead, however, it is really sad that on that day i received a call from them saying that the duck did not deliver to them so no duck curry for us. That's disappointing as i been looking forward to try the dish.

We ordered Tom Som, Clear Galangal-Lemongrass-Lime Soup. For us, it is rather spicy but the taste is there. Unlike other Tom Yum soup is just spicy don't have the taste there.

We replace the Duck Curry with Green Curry Chicken. This is dish is not that spicy and i think can't really go wrong with this dish in Thai Cuisine.

For vege – we ordered fried mix green, which this is nothing special, just ordinary fried vegetables. The taste was just average.

Next is the steam fish with Lemongrass dressing. This dish is excellent as it taste bit sour and some sweetness in it.

They served brown rice + jasmine instead of normal white rice and it serve on banana leaf  J

Overall, it was a nice dinner. I will definitely go there again, there are other dishes that I will want to try. I will rate their food as above average. It is just my 2 cents. Visit their website My Elephant.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ribs by Vintry @ Damansara Heights

I got to know this place from a whiff of lemongrass blog and inteed i make the right choice. Once you walk in the restaurant, you will see rows of wine and i will said is a cosy place to dine in, where there will be a small candle on the table.

We order Stir Fried French Beans (RM18) as starter. It is slightly cruncy with pine nuts and cashew nuts.It is a nice starter as i love NUTS. It is a good starter.

After starter, there comes our main course: Tom Yum Spaghetti and Braised Pork Ribs.

You won't regret order Tom Yum Spaghetti (RM38), the taste is just nice, sourness of Tom Yum with spicyness go well with the testure of the spaghetti. Yummy~~~In the Spaghetti, there is crunchy pork fat :)

Next, braise pork ribs (RM49) with red wine sauce. The texture of the port ribs is soft and tender and the sauce taste excellent too. The sauce goes well with the ribs. However, the sauce does not have strong red wine taste. We also order two glasses of wine to go with our main course.

How can we end the meal without dessert. But the dessert is bit over-price for the dessert. It is nothing extraordinary or delicious, just my 2 cents. We order Vinty Sundae, where the bottom layer is vanilla ice cream, where middle is creamy corn, peanuts, cornflakes and some blueberry. Somehow, the creamy corn make it taste weird for me. It is like eating the apam just that is not with flour but with ice-cream. It cost us RM22. I wont really recommend it unless you are adventerous. :)

The whole meal cost us RM179. It is really worth it except the dessert. The next time i would go for brownies with ice-cream instead.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Dessert Bar @ Casa Tropicana

We been to Dessert Bar like 6 -7 times, too bad we do not have a camera that time so photos were taken. BUT we just love the ice cream that we re-visit the place few times till finally i can blog about it!! Well, as far as i know Dessert Bar had change their menu twice, which the current menu is the 3rd menu i had seen. They do keep improving, keep it up!! You will always have our support :)

Ice cream is a must to order. We always order double scoop of ice-cream with soaked fruits. Last time it used to soaked with rum, think they change the menu to vanilla soaked fruits. Anyway, it still taste nice.
Black sesame with soy milk is the flavor we always order on EVERY visit. I would said this is the flavor that consistently taste good.
Well, we have not try all the flavor of the ice-cream but at least most of it. Our favorites are - Black Sesame, Strawberry, Mocha (aka green tea), passion fruits sorbet and honeydew sorbet. Sometimes i feel that their ice-cream taste is rather inconsistent, where it will not taste as nice as it use to be, just my 2 cents.

Besides ice-cream, we also order Grape Parfait, where is like cheesecake in a small glass, where come with a scope of grape sorbet (can't run away from ice-cream). It is a good combination, refreshing flavor of ice-cream with cheese and biscuit crumble. This is highly recommended.

Their brownies with ice-cream is in small pieces in the glass and top with scope of ice-cream of your choice. I would said their presentation is different from the normal brownies and ice-cream, where a piece of ice-cream top with ice-cream.

This is the place that I will definitely re-visit and recommend to friends. They do have crepe, cakes, smoothies and sandwiches.

Pasta Zanmai @ 1 Utama

I would describe this cuisine as Japanese style of western food as it serve pasta, pizza but the taste is more Japanese i would said. However, they do have carbonara sauce based pasta. This is something that we don't see often so worth trying.

We ordered terriyaki chicken pizza (RM20), which it had like half boil egg in the middle. The crust was thin and crispy. The taste is like normal territaki chicken.

Dessert time!! I forgot the name of the dessert but is strawberry ice cream with crepe. It had a scope of strawberry ice cream with some fruits and strawberry sauce with crepe below it. I just love it but the portion is rather small for me.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Theobroma chocolate lounge @ 1 Utama

Located at new wing of 1U. As walking in the restaurant, passed by all the 'pretty' chocolate, so tempting..but end up didnt buy any as it is RM5 just for like...2-3 bites of it.

I order Dark Chocolate drink in Mug, where there is small round candle below it to keep it warm as long as you want.

Personally, i don't like too sweet stuff so for me dark chocolate is the right thing to order, slight bitterness and sweetness at the same time. I love it as it suite my taste.

We also order German Strudel, which i think is rather similiar to apple strudel, just that this i s with chocolate...I also love this. I like the taste of the mixture of the apple filling and the chocolate. The chocolate just taste so nice. I love it so much that i went there other time to order the same thing however, the strudel is out of stock.

They also have ice blended chocolate drink, which i think i will order the next visit.

Mille Crepe @Food Foundry, Happy Mansion, PJ

I read about this in KYspeaks blog and decided to try it outas i LOVE dessert. Mille Crepe is made from lots of layer of thin crepe. I ordered vanilla and stawberry flavour mille crepe.

The texture and the flavour is so so nice. The first bite of it taste so good and i cant wait for my next visit. Personally i prefer the strawberry mille crepe. There is chocolate mille crepe as well, which i decide to save it for the next vist. If i remember correctly, it cost around 9.50 - 9.90 per piece.

On my second visit, as usual, i order two mille crepe, this time is chocolate and strawberry flavour. The first bite still taste as good as the first visit. However, after few more bites, it is diminishing value as we do not enjoy as much as last time till we got 'jelak'. I dont think we will want to eat mille crepe for a very long time..hehe. However, it is still worth trying.