Monday, July 27, 2009

Theobroma chocolate lounge @ 1 Utama

Located at new wing of 1U. As walking in the restaurant, passed by all the 'pretty' chocolate, so tempting..but end up didnt buy any as it is RM5 just for like...2-3 bites of it.

I order Dark Chocolate drink in Mug, where there is small round candle below it to keep it warm as long as you want.

Personally, i don't like too sweet stuff so for me dark chocolate is the right thing to order, slight bitterness and sweetness at the same time. I love it as it suite my taste.

We also order German Strudel, which i think is rather similiar to apple strudel, just that this i s with chocolate...I also love this. I like the taste of the mixture of the apple filling and the chocolate. The chocolate just taste so nice. I love it so much that i went there other time to order the same thing however, the strudel is out of stock.

They also have ice blended chocolate drink, which i think i will order the next visit.

Mille Crepe @Food Foundry, Happy Mansion, PJ

I read about this in KYspeaks blog and decided to try it outas i LOVE dessert. Mille Crepe is made from lots of layer of thin crepe. I ordered vanilla and stawberry flavour mille crepe.

The texture and the flavour is so so nice. The first bite of it taste so good and i cant wait for my next visit. Personally i prefer the strawberry mille crepe. There is chocolate mille crepe as well, which i decide to save it for the next vist. If i remember correctly, it cost around 9.50 - 9.90 per piece.

On my second visit, as usual, i order two mille crepe, this time is chocolate and strawberry flavour. The first bite still taste as good as the first visit. However, after few more bites, it is diminishing value as we do not enjoy as much as last time till we got 'jelak'. I dont think we will want to eat mille crepe for a very long time..hehe. However, it is still worth trying.