Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dessert Bar @ Casa Tropicana 2

I have lose count of how many times i been to Dessert Bar, it is definitely in my top list for Dessert. As usual, we order the Ice-cream with soaked fruits and as usual Black Sesame and Strawberry :)
Besides that, we try something new, Mango pudding with lemon sorbet. Dessert Bar are not stingy to the mangoes, it have mangoes around it; below it too and in the mango pudding itself, it have chunks of mangoes as well. However, the pudding itself don't have strong mango taste. I wouldn't want to eat the pudding alone without the sorbet. It will be rather tasteless as the mango is not really that sweet.

Besides Dessert, they have Uno Stacko!! Fun~~

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Woo Pin Fish Head Mihun

Being first timer there, i having slightly hard time locate it as i keep looking for the shop name with fish head bihun around that area :) BUT the shop name is Ho A One Seafood Steamboat. Finally, i made it there!

We ordered fried fish head mihun and fish paste mihun. The fried fish - lots of bones, having hard time to eat it as i have to use hand to pick up all the bones. Nevertheless, it still taste good.

This is the best fish head mihun i ever tasted. The soup is salty (of coz), sourish and bit of the chinese wine (hua diao jiu) taste, the combination of these three, yummy~~ most important is i don't feel thirsty after the meal, guess it prove that they do not put anjimoto :) We finish everything including the soup!

Definitely i will re-visit the place again.