Thursday, September 16, 2010

Ben & Jerry

Yeah....i finally got my Ben & Jerry after promised by Darling like 3 years ago....hehe...

It is low fat yogurt with cherry and chocolate chunk! It had rather strong taste of almond flavor like those chinese almond dessert soup.

Long Si Fu @ SS2

I was deciding to go Long Si Fu, Dragon One or Little Dim Sum for our

Initially i though it is just a yam cha session, where no or maybe some snacks but we end up order 5 small dishes with only 3 of us. I will say this is supper. Feeling guilty after that :)

My favorite drink - sugar cane with water chestnut - cooling and refreshing

Mango prawn roll - well, i didn't take that one so can't comment much but personally feel that it don't look appealing

Next - Wanton with soy sauce (my friend ordered it so i do not know the name..hehe). Well, the wanton itself does not have much taste, you have to really dip with the soy sauce (i think is soy sauce with sesame oil)

Wu Kok (yam with chicken filling) - it is crispy outside and soft inside..yummy :)

Next - fried ribs - not too bad but nothing special about it.
Fried chee cheong fun, my all time favorite dish, like the chewy texture with egg and chili. However, i prefer the one at Dragon One. But Dragon One portion smaller and slightly more expensive if i remember correctly.

The total bill come to RM34 with 5 dishes (as above) + sugarcane drink + chinese tea + glutinous ball (tang yuen) with ginger soup. Overall, it is quite a good meal think maybe the companion contribute the most :)