Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Drangon One @ SS2

Located same row as Murni, few shops away from Murni so it won't be hard to find this restaurant. Murni is so porpular anyway :P

Dragon One serve rather similiar cuisine as Long Si Fu at SS2 but Dragon One got more variety. Dragon One serve Dim Sum, Rice and La Mien. We ordered the fried 'chee cheong fun', crispy duck roll, shanghai layer cake and cheese bake La Mien. As for drinks - Dragonfruits Blended.

The fried 'chee cheong fun' is a must try, is fried with egg and bit of chili. It is rather similiar as those fried carrot cake, the diff is they use 'chee cheong fun'.
A minute you see it, a minute you don't
Another must order is - crispy duck roll. It is soft & tender and yet crispy. Yummy~
Next the shanghai layer cake, nothing really fantasic about it but it taste not bad. For that kind of price, is not really worth the money.
The cheese bake La Mien - just to fill up our stomach (need some carbo).
Dragonfruits Ice Blended - refreshing and nice
A place that i will re-visit again. There are a lot more others Dim Sum and La Mien i will want to try :)

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